Parent's stories

“Boogie has helped my little boy learn to fall asleep on his own and stay asleep for the whole night in very little time (less than one week). The program she came up with was individualised and created according to our family’s needs and way of life, and holistic, as it took into consideration all factors that relate to sleep and the baby’s health in general. The training consisted of an initial Skype meeting, a few emails and then a sleep log that we both annotated and was our main tool for communication. She was there whenever I needed her with responses that were to the point and well-informed. I am very happy I worked with her on my baby’s sleep issues and would recommend her to anyone with similar problems who seeks for a quick and healthy solution.”

Maria, mum of a 10-month old

“We started working with Boogie as our 6 month old son (who was always a great sleeper) suddenly took a bit of a nose dive. A baby that had only been waking once in the night was suddenly waking 2,3,4 times a night and I was feeding him each time.  After we’d discussed the plan, Boogie sent through the interactive sleep log. This was genius!! I was able to note down his wake up times, nap times and any other notes on his sleep for Boogie to see and comment on. I don’t think I could’ve got through the sleep training without Boogie’s support, it was so good to have her feedback and give us options as to what to try next. I really like that there were always choices as to whether to take a soft or hard approach to his sleep. A week down the line and he is back to only feeding once in the night and his naps during the day have gotten longer.”

Amie, mum of a 6-month old

“Boogie really knows her stuff. My nearly 1-year old went to sleep easily, but didn’t stay there! She got husband and I on the same page, gave us a plan and supported us in sticking to it. Sleep training is a stressful time, Boogie was understanding of this and has noteworthy skills in parent support! There were times when I thought what she was saying wouldn’t work, but it did! She then carried on working with us until naps fell into place. We knew a lot about sleep, we thought our daughter was a bad sleeper, but that was nothing compared to our super loud and persistent little boy. With Boogie’s help he now sleeps, and we’re a happier family for it.”

Hayley, mum of an 11-month old

“I used Boogie for a 14 day sleep program for my 2 year old son throughout the summer of 2017. My son had never slept through the night and day time naps were irregular, I always had to sit with my son until he fell asleep; sometimes this could take up to an hour each time. He was also up at least 5 times during the night. I was extremely sleep deprived and daily chores were a struggle. Boogie put together a personal plan specifically for myself and my son, after night 5 my son was putting himself to sleep and sleeping throughout the night! His daily naps were structured to a set time and again within days he was napping at regular times… Boogie was absolutely fantastic, very kind, calm, took on board all of my wishes, she was there any time I needed her; day and night and gave me on going / continuing support, I can not stress how wonderful this lady is! Boogie has totally improved my life and my son has vastly improved not only with sleep but in his daily activities and mood patterns! Would highly recommend Boogie, especially as it’s a very personal service and customised to each parent / child. Thank you so much Boogie!”

Katie, mum of a 2-year-old